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Braces, crutches, assistive devices
We commonly diagnose and treat joint sprains including hip, knee, ankle, shoulder, elbow, wrist and fingers.  We will immobilize the affected part and treat your pain to get you feeling better quickly. 
Most Commonly treated strains include back, shoulder, forearm, thigh, and calf muscles.  We will get you on a Orthopedic supervised treatment program that may involve physical therapy.  
It seems that fractures can happen at the worst of times.  We see and treat fractures any where from the upper part of your body including collar bones to the tip of your toes in our office routinely.  Our experienced board certified surgeons will guide you though your treatment options and help you reach your best outcome possible.
We have braces, crutches, walkers, canes, elevated commode seats, polar care ice packs, slings and travel chairs in stock to allow you to still be mobile without traveling across town to get what you need.  
Schedule for Surgery
Typical Injuries Treated
Some orthopedic injuries require surgery, and our orthopedic surgeons are ready to assist you to get you back on your feet.  During your initial visit, we can get you scheduled for surgery and start the healing process faster.  
    Our orthopedic surgery practice is excited to offer Urgent Ortho, a walk-in orthopedic clinic, at our East End Office located at 8620 Biggin Hill Lane. 

    Individuals, new to the practice, can skip the Emergency Room wait time and be seen by a Board certified Orthopedic Surgeon or Physician Assistant for their acute orthopedic injury. *Established patients of Pomeroy and Rhoads Orthopaedics are encouraged to make appointments with their physician.
    The patient will receive a thorough physical exam, x-rays if needed, diagnosis, and treatment for their condition. Issues treated include, but are not limited to: fracture, joint pain, dislocation, sprains, tendonitis, etc.   
    We believe patients will appreciate being seen by an orthopedic specialist instead of waiting hours to be seen by an Emergency Room physician when they will likely refer you to an orthopedic doctor anyway.
 We accept most insurances as well as have a cash pay option for those without insurance.  
  Come see URGENT ORTHO clinic today!    
Physical Therapy
Physical therapy after an acute injury can enable one to start to feel better sooner, and prevent future injury.  It is also very helpful after surgery to help regain range of motion and strength of the affected body part. 
Hours of Operation: 
Monday - Friday 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM