Outpatient Total Joint Replacements : Outpatient Total Joint Replacement
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Outpatient Total Joint Replacements

by David Rhoads M.D. on 05/23/14

Drs. David Rhoads and Donald Pomeroy are performing outpatient total knee, total hip, and total shoulder replacements.  This allows patients to go home the same day or the following day of their surgery.  Patients enjoy more peaceful recovery at home without intrusions.  New pain controlling techniques allow patients to go home comfortably and start physical therapy sooner with less pain. Home health physical therapy and nursing will come to your home to help you heal faster.  

Candidates for outpatient total joint surgery must have no significant cardiac or pulmonary history and have family members at home who can assist for the first few days.  Also individuals who are planning on going to a rehabilitation facility post-operatively are not candidates for outpatient surgery.  

Outpatient surgery can be performed in a surgical center or a hospital setting, though the patient will often see a cost savings at a outpatient surgical center.  If you are interested to see if you are a candidate for an outpatient total joint replacement, please contact our office at 502-364-0902.